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Our Mission

“For my custom when I am composing even instrumental music is always to keep the whole in view”

Ludwig van Beethoven

Every TWG client engagement does just that. The Woodland Group approaches each client engagement with an innovative, unique and insightful “PRE”, “DURING” and “POST” customized process. At TWG, there is no such thing as “off-the-shelf” or a “one-off” engagement.

Because of our deep systems thinking background, everything we do takes into account that everything in your organization is in some way:

  • Inter-dependent
  • Inter-related
  • Inter-connected

The Woodland Group has decades of experience and expertise in expanding the effectiveness and efficiency at the:

  • Individual Level,
  • Group or Team Level and
  • Enterprise Level

Regardless of where our partnership begins, those involved are taught to think systemically which translates to behavioral change at the individual level impacting the entire organization. The Woodland Group believes effective leadership and intelligent organizational change rests upon two fundamental principles.

If you want to change behavior, one’s thinking has to change first.

Changing organizational behavior cannot occur until you change the underlying structures or systems at play.

It is our experience that many managers and leaders were never taught or trained on how to impact these two critically important elements.

The Woodland Group’s Collaborative Colleagues have a long and successful history of working in creative and practical partnerships around the globe. These connections have developed and realized both human potential and organizational effectiveness and vitality through practical application of systems thinking practices.

Smartly aligning the capacity AND the potential of human beings differentiates a successful company from a mediocre or downward-spiraling one. An aligned and focused company will attract and hold employees, clients and other business-connected relationships.  

If you would like to partner with a very different kind of Organizational Development team, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

~ The Woodland Group Team


When The Woodland Group partners with a client, there is deep bench strength exemplified by the professionals listed below. While we are essentially a U.S.-based firm, we have strong international experience and capabilities.

Based upon the assessment of the client’s needs we bring together the most appropriate talent and expertise to bear upon the challenges and the opportunities facing individuals, teams and organizations.

Stephen Gianotti, MS, B.Ed.

Based in US

My experience has taught me that it is best to meet the client where they are and then through collaborative and strategic partnership guide the client, using constructive candor and data, closer to their defined desired state. This is best done by considering the whole enterprise and its interconnected parts using Systems Thinking and Transformational Dialogue development techniques. Make no mistake. Real change requires going as quickly as you can and as slowly as required. TWG embraces this paradox in all of its work and invites clients to do the same. To optimize the chances for sustainable change, we incorporate a PRE, DURING & POST Methodology.

• Executive Coaching
• Strategic On-Boarding for new leaders joining established team/departments
• Strategic board retreats using PRE, DURING & POST Methodology
• Facilitated Leadership Development Programs (up to two years in length)
• Diagnostics for Complex Organizational Challenges &Visions
• 360 Design, Implementation and Follow-up
• Organizational Climate Studies/ Employee Surveys
• Employee Realignment

• Mentoring – 50-Minute Manager Series Logical Operations Publishing, 4th Edition 

– by Stephen Gianotti & Gordon Shea – 2014

• Making the Most of Being Mentored: Mentors Help. Mentees Do.

– Axzo Press, 2nd edition, Gordon Shea & Stephen C. Gianotti – 2009

• Mentoring: Make It a Mutually Rewarding Experience 

– by Gordon Shea & Stephen C. Gianotti – Axzo Press, 4th Edition – 2009

• Masters in Business Education

• Dr. Daniel Kim – Apprenticeship 2009 to 2015 – Transformational Dialogue & Systems Thinking

• Mentors: Peter Senge, Edgar Schein, Robert Fritz, Donald Kirkpatrick, Margaret Wheatley, Benjamin Zander and Robert Kegan

• Currently on the Board Chair for the Global Society for Organizational Learning and a member of Global Coaching Community

Patricia Gianotti, Psy.D.

Based in US

As a licensed psychologist, I try to bring a “listening ear ” to all of my client engagements toward the end of helping individual leaders and executive teams realize their potential for growth, balance, and sustainability.

As an author, consultant, and keynote speaker, my focus is on recognizing the costs of narcissistic leadership to individuals, departments, and teams, as well as the long-term costs to the corporate bottom line.  I have developed a clear and concise methodology for helping managers, CEO’s, HR departments, and Corporate Boards recognize the red flags of what has been identified as “toxic narcissism”.  Containment, not reward, of the narcissistic leader is what creates long-term stability for an organization.

In addition, my interest in the integration of ones psychological and one’s “True North” has offered me opportunities to work with clients, helping them design personal and purposeful mindfulness fostering work/life balance, increased productivity and well-being.

• Executive Coaching
• Facilitation of Board Retreats
• Board Development
• Effective Communication
• Conflict Management Strategies
• Keynote Speaking
• Sexual Harassment
• Workplace Harassment

Listening with Purpose: Entry Points into Shame and Narcissistic Vulnerability
– Jason Aronson (2012)
Uncovering the Resilient Core: A Workbook on Narcissistic Defenses and Emerging Authenticity – Routledge (in press)
Columnist– Portsmouth Herald

Licensed Psychologist
Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision, & Organizational Consultation

Newly Published Book –
“Listening With Purpose: Entry Points into Shame and Narcissistic Vulnerability”

Dr. Gianotti is also the founder of The Center for Spiritual Integration

Tim McHugh

Based in US

With focus, enthusiasm and a passion for the people side of the equation, Tim McHugh has been leading teams for over 30 years. A native of Rochester, NY, Tim started his career sweeping floors in the warehouse at Eastman Kodak, while earning his degree at night. He then progressed through a series of financial management assignments in credit, manufacturing, sales and marketing. He served as Kodak’s alliance manager to GE Capital and earned his MBA from the Simon Graduate School of Business. Following two decades at Kodak, Tim joined Hanson PLC, a global construction materials company. He served as Regional CFO, Divisional CFO, and was appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for North America when HeidelbergCement acquired Hanson in 2007. Since leaving the corporate world in 2010, Tim has focused his time and energy on executive coaching, business consulting and volunteer work.

Hoh Kim, Ph. D

Based in Korea

Work Statement
To help my clients to better communicate her/his leadership or within their organization
in the best of times, worst of times, digital times

Expertise Areas
Leadership and Organizational communications
Crisis Management
Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) by INFLUENCE AT WORK
Certified Coach, Stakeholder-Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith

Ph.D. in Culture Technology at Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

Iris Cui

Based in US

Iris Cui

Iris launched her first E-commerce business in 2012, and now she is sharing the success strategies to inspire her clients to grow online sales and dominate market-share in the digital world. She is passionate about strategizing with small businesses in growing sales margins and branding development.

• E-commerce Consultant
• Digital Marketing
• Social Media Coaching
• Branding Development

MBA with concentration International Trade at Johnson & Wales University

Antonio Linares

Based in Spain

My philosophy of client engagement is that I like to introduce myself as a professional that pays strong attention to responsibility vis-à-vis my engagement with my clients; responsibility means strong sensitivity to quality. I love performing “a job well done”. For that purpose, I engage my clients by paying attention and to not to over-promise as in the business of executive development, teambuilding and business transformation. Our work requires strong client involvement. I do not want to give the impression to my clients that outstanding performance can be reached without their full presence and contribution to the process.

When performing executive coaching, I pay attention to six essential role capabilities; When performing team development, I pay attention to six essential team capabilities And when helping in business transformation, I pay attention to six system levers. All those capabilities, and their relative importance, are presented in three different books I have published the last five years.

My specific areas of expertise are: executive coaching, team development, learning communities and systems transformation.

Gabriele Ganswindt, Dipl. Psych.

Based in US

Client Philosophy
In all my work and with all of my audiences, I focus on living and leading with the end in mind. Such endpoint focus serves to identify what is essential and deserves care and attention.

• Leadership, Life and Legacy Coaching
• Leadership and Organizational Resiliency
• Mindfulness and Leadership Effectiveness
• Transformational Retreat Design and Facilitation
• Executive and Life-Cycle Ministry

Diploma: Psychology (Trier Germany)
Harvard Fellowship in Organizational Psychology
Ordained Interfaith Minister
Conscious Dying Guide Certification

Gerri King, Ph.D.

Based in US

I am a social psychologist and organizational consultant who works in both the public and private sectors throughout the US and occasionally abroad. I am the author of “The Duh! Book of Management and Supervision: Dispelling Common Leadership Myths.”

• Conference Keynotes
• Training
– The Changing Role of Leadership: Effective Management & Supervision
– Building Teams
– Managing Change
– Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution
– The Success Avoidance/Sabotage Phenomenon

• Facilitation
-Strategic Planning
-Mergers & Acquisition
-Executive and Staff Retreats
-Workplace Conflict
-Mission and Vision Development


  • The DUH! Book of Management and Supervision: Dispelling Common Leadership Myths”.
    Common Sense Press, Paperback – March 4, 2014

Genevieve Aichele

Based in US

Genevieve Aichele

I believe that storytelling is a powerful tool to inspire, transform and lead into the future. Most of my work and client engagements incorporate professional theatre techniques as an excellent resource for those who wish to develop their public speaking, facilitation and leadership skills.

• Professional theatre director, actor and storyteller
• Public speaking and presentation skills coach
• Storytelling coach for marketing, fundraising and facilitation
• Community-building through theatre arts

Richard Karash

Based in US

Richard Karash is an independent consultant whose work covers the broad range of Organizational Learning disciplines, with emphasis on leadership development and executive coaching. Mr. Karash’s overall focus is on helping clients increase their capacity for results, learning, and change. His clients include industry, high-tech, government, military, intelligence, academia, health-care, and non-profit.

• Leadership Development
• Executive Coaching
• Consultant and Facilitator Training

Rebecca Koos

Based in US

Every organization has goals. To achieve those goals, the individuals, teams and organization must perform at levels commensurate with achieving the goals. Our expertise helps organizations accelerate their success through performance improvement solutions, including:

• Business Process Redesign: Facilitate, document and publish the re-design for effective business processes.
• Learning & Knowledge Management:
• Program Design, Development and Delivery:
• State-of-the-art end-to-end learning solutions, including solution design, program/project management, instructional design, program/course development, m/eLearning, classroom learning, knowledge bases, performance support tools and more.
• Technology: Facilitate selection and implementation of technology to support learning and knowledge management, including L/CMS.
• Outsourcing: Provide a full service client training department, typically for technology firms

Tara Kimbrell Cole, MA

Based in Singapore

My client philosophy is to co-create Sustainable Profitability™ through the development of executive leaders and teams’ Five Disciplines of a Learning Organization for agility in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environments.

• Authentic leadership
• Organizational Learning
• via one-on-one, team and group coaching and consulting

• MA in Executive Coaching, Middlesex University, UK (2016)
• Granted alumna status, the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
• BA Fine Arts

Tara is also the current President and Board Chair of the Society for Organizational Learning (Singapore)

Diane Cory

Based in US

My work focuses on supporting organizations in designing and operationalizing more strategic and systemic plans that inspire, empower and align collective thinking and actions.

Theories, tools and methodologies of:
Organizational Learning
Inner Game Coaching
Emotional Intelligence
Servant Leadership

Bachelor of Arts – Journalism

Bell Villavicencio

Based in Philippines

Certified Action Learning Coach of the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL).

Current Director of WIAL-Philippines.

I believe in the inherent goodness of each person, it is in making people increase their level of awareness especially about one’s Mental Models that one can attain better Results in one’s life. I believe in co-learning with clients to create win-win solutions.

My areas of expertise are facilitating Transformational Leadership seminars for 17 years for all sectors of Philippine society: business, education, government, church, non-governmental organizations, and diverse industries.

Frameworks most often used are the Learning Organization of Peter Senge and Theory U of Otto Scharmer.

Steen Jensen

Based in Denmark

I assist leaders and organizations achieve their highest aspirations. The knowledge required to do this, is most often embedded the organization. We create the conditions that allow the knowledge to unfold. Trust, creativity and systemic understanding are some of the conditions we develop and believe are essential in our approach.”

• The disciplines of organizational learning
• Design thinking
• Human Dynamics
• Business Strategy
• Individual and organizational assessment

Education and background
• BA in financials
• Insead, Executive Management Program
• CEO of SMC’s and various board positions.

Shahrzad Saderi, Ph.D. Candidate

Based in The Middle East

I am an Organizational Design and Development professional offering broad-based change management, training and education, and talent management expertise to global companies needing to merge Eastern wisdom with Western education and proficiency.

I have presented hundreds of workshops and training sessions in the U.S., ME, and Africa. Serving as a management consultant for the past 17 years, I have led numerous initiatives focused on providing customized change management guidance, leadership team development, and cultural transformation solutions.

MBA (University of Missouri)

BA in Business & Economics (California State University)

Ph.D. candidate in Cultural Studies

Julie A. Moore, Esquire

Based in US

I am an employment attorney/human resources consultant helping employers manage within the law and giving legal advice about workplace issues.
• Training, investigations and counseling on sexual harassment, unlawful harassment, discrimination, and other workplace issues.
• Conducting internal investigations into alleged misconduct.
• Otherwise drafting policies and manuals and working with employers and employees to abide by state and federal employment laws

Anamaria Aristizabal, MBA

Based in Colombia

Anamaria is a certified Integral Coach, based in Bogota Colombia. She works with New Ventures West, a US coaching school, as faculty in coach training. She is an Art of Hosting practitioner, designing and facilitating various learning journeys for different groups. She is a curriculum advisor and facilitator for Byron Fellows and Dalai Lama Fellows, both leadership development initiatives for changemakers from around the world. She is a coach for Mycelium, a school for social entrepreneurs.

As a social innovator, she co-founded Aldeafeliz ecovillage in 2006 near Bogota Colombia, where they are experimenting with various social and ecological technologies, including sociocracy. She is chair of the Colombian chapter of the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) and member of SoL Global board. Also founding member and executive board member of the Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation, a core team member of  “La Arenera” (the Sandbox –community of social innovation and social entrepreneurship).
Prior to her coaching and facilitation career, Anamaria worked as a consultant for McKinsey, the World Bank, CAF- Development Bank of Latin America, and various government entities in Colombia. Anamaria has an MBA and a Masters in Environmental Management from Yale University and a BA in Biology from Mount Holyoke College.

Emese Móricz

Based in Hungary

Emese has 20+ years of experience in business development, strategy, helping individuals and organizations to grow. She believes in complex change management approach: zipping the structures with organisational cultures, and increasing organisational effectiveness. She is keen on delivering practical knowledge and support participants to implement what they have learned into their daily life. She participated in 40+ days of TTT at Krauthammer University, Coaching I-II as well, and attended an Integrated Coaching Course (ICF accredited). She is a DISC accredited trainer and acquired Project Management Advanced Level studies, too. (PMI accredited)

Lasting impact in behavior change, empowerment, authentic leadership, international management and sales development, purposeful management teams.

Academy of Inner Science
Krauthammer University
Krauthammer University – coaching faculty
Integrated Coaching Approach
DISC accreditation
Szinergia Ltd – Project Management Standard and Advanced Level (PMI accredited)

Camila Amaya-Castro, MBA & MS

Based in France

Camila is a speaker, consultant and entrepreneur whose work focuses on making disruptive business solutions a reality for a sustainable future of people and planet, through new economic solutions. To innovate in a sustainable manner requires a change in mindset. And this is always a unique journey, personal and specific to the present moment and conditions.

Relevant expertise
Offer adapted activities to accompany paradigm changes in groups and individuals through workshops, training and creativity sessions.
Accompany groups or individuals in identifying and realizing a change towards sustainable and new business models – through a systemic thinking approach and group-driven emergence of solutions.

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, with specialization in Control Systems (enabling Systems thinking) at TU Delft (the Netherlands).
Executive MBA at HEC (Paris, France) shared with Babson College (Boston, US) and University of Oxford – Said Business School (Oxford, UK).
Influence: the Blue Economy and ZERI (Prof. Gunter Pauli), Systemic Design (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Fritjof Capra and Non-violent Communication.

A Colombian, Camila grew up in the Netherlands and is now resident in Paris, France. She has worked in 6 European countries and is fluent in 4 languages.

James Carolan

Based in US

Sadly our dear colleague Jim passed away 10Aug17.  In honor of who he was as a highly accomplished professional, a true family man and a caring human being, The Woodland Group will keep his photograph as a tribute to his contributions during his time here on earth.  We will miss his constancy, his keen insights and his always present humor.  We will miss you Jim.

As a partner with Bluegrass Capital, I advise clients in small to medium sized merger and acquisition projects. We also assist clients in business turnaround situations, including assuming interim management positions.

Strategic Planning Business Leadership Business turnarounds Mergers and acquisitions Industrial marketing

B.S. Accounting Fordham University


The Woodland Group, through and with its talented associates,

has deep experience and expert still levels in the following areas:

Team and Group Effectiveness

Executive Coaching

Coaching for Individual Effectiveness

Strategic On-Boarding of New Leaders of Established Teams/Groups

Strategic Employee Out-Boarding

Employee Engagement Assessment

Grounded & Integrated Leadership Development Programs

Meeting Facilitation

Strategic Business Presentation Skills Through The Theatrical Sciences

360 Feedback Systems (Design and Implementation)

Multiple Industry Cost Effective Consortium Learning

Board of Directors/Trustees Assessment, Development and Retreats

Behavioral Group Screening Process

Structured Behavioral Interviewing

Keynote Speaking

EAP and Wellness

The Integration of Systems Thinking in Daily Work

  • Behavioral Group Screening Process
  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Coaching Your Direct Report
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Creating an Organizational Learning Culture
  • Customer Service Innovation
  • Deep Dialogue in the Workplace
  • Diagnostics for Effective Teams
  • Effective Communication
  • Effective Team Creation
  • Effective Team Management
  • Effective Writing in the Workplace
  • Emergent Leadership (Potential Leaders)
  • Employee Alignment
  • Evaluations/Performance Dialogue
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Foundational Leadership
  • Golden Personality Type Profile Indicator
  • Hiring Skills
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Leading Change
  • Mentoring
  • New Employee Orientation – On-boarding
  • Organizational Design
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Presentation Skills Using Theatrical Science
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Stress Management
  • Structured Interviewing
  • Systems Thinking – Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Strategic Termination Process
  • 360 Degree Review Processes
  • Train-The-Trainer
  • Using Time Wisely
  • Women’s Leadership Issues
  • Workplace Forgiveness
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Workplace Spirituality
  • Workplace Violence

Online Workplace Behavior Preference Assessments

Golden Personality Profile

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Profile


Leadership Assessment

FIRO-B (Workplace Relationship Needs)

Time Mastery Assessment

Strong Interest Inventory


The Woodland Group Team has created value for hundreds of companies around the globe.
Here are a few examples of the type of work our collaborative team has accomplished.

TWG created and integrated, practical and grounded Leadership Development programs, some of which can last as long as a year, depending on need. This program was attended by a wide variety of industries such as Health Care, High Tech, Manufacturing, Banking, Education, Utilities and Public Service to name a few. Formal presentations are conducted by the attendees for the executive leadership of the respective company demonstrating learned strategic skills.

A High Tech company in Texas requested a Leadership Development program for its employees from across the nation. This intensive week long program challenged and, according to the evaluations, catapulted their leadership understanding and capacity to new levels. Each attendee conducted a formal presentation to address his/her leadership challenges and, from a systems level, map effective strategies that were shared with their upper management.

A Police Department in a large New England city needed a practical and effective Leadership Development program for its police officers. Beginning with an assessment and having the group be part of the creation of the learning content and process afforded a committed learning process. The police officers ended the program with presentations that shared their planned leadership development and effective change strategies for their spheres of responsibility.

A large east coast construction company owned by a European corporation has retained TWG for a long term Leadership Development process. TWG works with each region’s Leadership Team separately on their local issues with once a quarter the groups coming together to share best practices and deal with more global issues that affect the larger group.

A local chapter of a national non-profit organization was in a crisis mode of not having direction and was suffering from less than effective leadership. TWG was called to conduct a survey, assess the situation and work with the board of directors and other stake holders to affect and plan needed, sustainable and appropriate change.

A Chinese family-owned Fortune 200 start-up company partnered with TWG for a long-term Leadership Development program for the middle managers and supervisors who had little background learning and development for Leadership Skills. Many of these newly skilled and newly trained leaders have been promoted into higher level positions.

An international education company that is one of the fastest growing companies in 2014 partnered with TWG to work with the Executive Team to focus on how they will need to change and mature their roles as Leaders to keep the company on its extremely fast-growing track. This process also helped to identify which leaders should be part of the leadership team and which ones needed to consider alternative positions. Today the company is much more stabilized and still growing.

TWG has partnered with several sites of a larger national non-profit education-oriented organization. Each participating site has received individualized leadership programs that include extensive teamwork and executive coaching. Many of these sites have been awarded “Best Site” in the system.

A large State University partnered with TWG to conduct several of the modules that were part of their larger Leadership Development program for a variety of University employees. TWG brought several content areas to the program one of which was applied systems thinking for leaders.

A Paris-based global manufacturing company, one of the oldest companies in the world, sent some of its leaders to several sessions taught by TWG. In those sessions, leaders were taught Coaching, Mentoring, and Behavior Preferences as it pertains to the Leadership role, Systems Thinking and Discipline.

Numerous executives, from managers to CEOs, have engaged TWG to develop and implement executive coaching programs. The processes have dramatically impacted organizational value, and interactions with colleagues and the business community at large. Specific references are available.

A general manager for a high tech firm located in Connecticut engaged TWG to help deal with his ever expanding leadership role that causes him to travel extensively. He was concerned about the impact of his expanding role on the communication and interpersonal infrastructure of his direct reports so TWG was hired to craft and facilitate a purposeful and effective process to assess, redesign and implement an employee-driven communication and interpersonal infrastructure.

The owner of a second generation family business has been working with TWG for over 10 years meeting several times a year to work of strategy and leadership effectiveness and the vagaries and challenges of a family-owned business. During the sessions there is a healthy and candid dialogue about the complexity of looking out for the business and looking out for the family interests.

The Executive Director of a state non-profit professional association in the mid-west US has partnered with TWG for several years. The focus of this work has been how the Executive Director can be more effective and efficient given the person’s predisposed behaviors and level of skills. Frank conversations are had around one’s own insecurities, longer-term aspirations and how to handle the stress of multiple stakeholders pulling in many directions not all of which are consistent with the organization’s mission.

Several Executive Directors that are part of a global non-profit have partnered with TWG to receive regular coaching either in person, by Skype or via telephone. Focus of these conversations range from forming or re-forming their leadership team, differentiating between operational and strategies focus.

TWG has a long history of working with individuals at all levels of organizations in a number of ways. Some of these non-executive coaching engagements might include:

– improving the relationship between direct manager and the employee,
– getting a better handle on one’s role clarity,
– focusing on specific skill sets so that effectiveness and efficiency is improved for the individual,
– coaching on professional development with an eye on moving up or around in one’s company or organization,
– providing insight, perspective and a plan for a career change whether it is voluntary or involuntary,
– a project-specific job responsibility that would benefit from an outsider’s point of view and expertise in the organizational & human dynamics areas.

TWG has conducted literally hundreds of team/group effectiveness engagements in a number of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Typically these include an off-site ½ or full day session with all of the stakeholders. We always include “PRE” session work as well as agree to an upfront agreement on the “POST” work that needs to support the actual event. We have had some clients that have for over 8 years conducted 2.5 days of building team capacity and focusing on the organizational culture and what it means to be effective as a team.

TWG was able to identify and solve inefficiency between a team of engineers and other groups within an organization. Our solution-based team of experts was engaged to create effective working relationships between the engineers and their internal customers.

A petroleum company in the Caribbean engaged TWG as part of a team of professionals to assist with the challenges of Union/Management dynamics. This lead to a large array of interventions that the team conducted from Process Mapping, Flow-charting, Coaching, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and purposeful planning on how to become a Learning Organization.

In addition to creating customized surveys for organizational assessment, TWG has conducted dozens of focus groups. The focus group process is a face-to-face methodology of gaining information about specific topics facilitated by a professional. What makes the focus group process so powerful is the engagement of the employees and their sharing of perspectives which leads to more common ground and the further enhancement of a connected team and culture.

TWG was engaged by a CEO concerned that the long term vision, employee satisfaction and the future leadership of the organization were not streamlined and heading in the same direction. TWG was called in to assess, survey, interview, analyze, report and work with the corporation to create its own future in a purposeful and planned way with direct employee input.

Quite frequently TWG uses one or two on-line assessments or in some cases an entire battery of assessments. Assessments play the role of being able to build a constructive conversation over data which is less subject to interpretation when it comes to having a conversation about and managing workplace behavior and performance. Since the majority of these assessments are what we call “Self-reporting”, the data that comes from these assessments come directly from the individual person. In short, the assessment reports what the individual believes to be true about him/herself.

A parent company in Ireland has retained the services of TWG for over 5 years to conduct personality profile assessments of prospective employees for its various locations around the world. This on-going relationship has developed into TWG providing an all-encompassing process for its Executive Team.

TWG has been part of dozens of Strategic On-boardings for new leaders that are brought into an established team, group or organization. TWG’s unique approach to ramping up a leader’s role helps assure that the forming process is fully planned and executed. The result of this is less wasted time, less conflict, greater synergy, higher level of alignment on both operational and strategic levels and a higher level of collegiality.

The Woodland Group is proud to have collaborated with a multi-billion dollar company to create a strategic on-boarding process for new division leaders. The innovative and creative approach to integrating theses leaders into established teams created value and a high return on investment and was accomplished in the United States and Japan.

TWG has been engaged on many occasions to provide skill building on how to measure “Can Do”, “Will Do” and “Fit” for bringing in new talent. TWG first focuses on the “FIT” as does a progressive company like Google. The belief is that skills can be learned. “FIT” isn’t something that is easily changed. TWG’s process of determining fit has saved money and time helping to assure new-hires are the right-hire.

A global high tech firm needed one of its divisions to conduct more effective interviews. TWG created several workshops for the interviewers focusing on Structured Behavioral Interviewing with follow-up sessions to assess the learning’s effectiveness.

TWG’s breadth and depth of the performance management, feedback and evaluation process is deeply rooted in systems dynamics. We are uniquely qualified to examine not only the presenting symptoms of performance (individual and collective) but we are also experienced in looking at the various systems (policies, procedures, ways of doing things) that impact the effectiveness of an organization’s ability to know, understand and properly lead and manage employee performance.

A construction company over 100 years old decided it wanted a culture change and engaged TWG to begin the strategic journey of changing the behavior and mindsets that had been in place for decades. After working together for 3 years, the company has been able to successfully conduct 360 degree review processes that have had dramatic effect on employee/manager relationships, accountability and overall performance.

The responsibility placed upon any Board of Directors is one of stewardship and greatly benefits from purposeful and strategic development. Successful Boards, regardless of for-profit or not-for-profit, normally have some kind of planned retreat on a regular basis to engage in the act of Reflection (Retreat) and Strategy (Advance).

TWG has developed and instituted, both on site and off site, services for profit and non-profit board development. These offerings are conducted with a “Pre, During and Post” commitment to help support sustainable change. A thorough assessment and evaluation of current state is normally conducted through interviews, on-line surveys, written surveys or focus groups. Based upon this data, we carefully craft a process that makes the most sense from logistics, strategic and economic factors.

  • Fully defining and then aligning organizational PURPOSE
  • Board assessment, education, development and coaching
  • Determining critical outcomes
  • Creating a vision
  • Creating structures to realize vision
  • Connecting vision to behavior through mental models
  • Strategic planning
  • Sub-group alignment
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Performance Management
  • Succession planning
  • Telling the organizational story

Typical retreats can range from one day to several sessions depending on the desired outcomes, budget and available time. TWG can also provide private off-site locales with or without over-night lodging and meals.


Below is a non-exhaustive listing of clients with whom TWG Collaborative Colleagues have provided services.

American Automobile Association
Analog Devices Incorporated (US)
Anchor Management
Arts After Hours
Bank of America
Beacon Capital Partners
Booz Alen Hamilton
Borland, technology
Bosch Thermotechnology – Buderus
Boston College
Boston Medical Center
Boston University
Bottomline Technologies
BHP Billiton, global resources
Business NH Magazine (Judge)
Cambria Consulting
Cambridge Institute of International Education
Center for Non-Profits
Chapel-Hill Chauncy Hall (Private School)
Chevron Oil
Child Health Services
Cigna Health
City of Manchester
City Year (NH, Philadelphia, San Jose & South Africa)
Concepts NREC
Concord Hospital
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
DCYF – NH Health & Human Services
DSM (Global manufacturing)
Durst – Canada
ECCO Shoes
Educational Testing Service
Emerson Process Management
Episcopal Church
Exeter Hospital
Exxon Oil
Fairchild Semiconductor
First Lutheran Church
Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Goss International
Graham Packaging
Hershey Company
Huggins Hospital
Inera Inc. (Software)
Iron Mountain
JC Higgins
Jewel Instruments
Kluber Lubrication (US, Mexico & Germany)
Kronos Inc.
Lamprey Brothers
MacMillin Company
Margaritas Restaurants
Matrix One
Measured Progress
Methuen Construction
Merck Group (Life Sciences)
Mystic Valley Elder Services
Nathan Wechsler
National Education Association – Wash, DC
National University of Singapore Business School (Executive Education)
Nelson, Kinder, Mosseau & Saturley
Neptune Orient Lines, container shipping
NETS, financial services
New Hampshire Theatre Project
New Heights
NH Bar Association
NH Catholic Charities
NH Center for Non Profits
NH Department of Transportation
NH Division of Historical Resources
NH Federal Credit Union
NH Local Government Center
NH Rebellion
NH State Liquor Commission
Novel Iron Works
NSAI (US & Ireland)
nSight Works
Ocean Spray
Osram Sylvania
Pars Online
Partners Healthcare
Petrotrin (Trinidad)
Pine Street Players
Philippine Department of Budget & Management

Phillips Andover Academy
Phillips Exeter Academy
Pike Industries (NH, VT & ME)
Planet Fitness Management Group
Players’ Ring
Prospect Mountain High School
Rehab III
Roman Catholic Church NH Diocese
Sanel Auto Parts
Saziba Holding
School Care
Scientific Systems Corporation
Seacoast Repertory Theater
Shell Oil
Singapore Management University, Executive Development
Spectra Inc.
Spurwink Health Services
Standard Chartered Bank
Star Island Corporation
Statoil Hydro
Summit Industrial Products
Swiss RE
Texas Instruments (US & Japan)
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
The National Security Agency
The Rank Group
The Society for Organizational Learning
Thermo Fisher
Tilcon Connecticut
Town of Alton
United Way
Unitil Services Corp.
University of California, Davis
University of New Hampshire
Virgin Atlantic Airlines
VT Healthcare HR Association
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital
Westernacher & Partner Consulting, Inc. (IT consulting)
Wright Medical Technology, International
Zain Telecom
Zweigwhite (National Speaker & Judge)















Stephen Gianotti, MS, B.Ed.

Founder, The Woodland Group, LLC


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